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Friday, June 09, 2006

GM says it won't be dropping brands anytime soon

GM says it won't be dropping brands anytime soon
Saab and HUMMER won't be hitting the Orphan Car Show anytime soon, says Rick Wagoner. General Motors' top guy told shareholders yesterday that the company won't be taking the advice of new board member Jerry York, billionaire investor/GM stakeholder Kirk Kerkorian's right-hand man. York made waves in the industry just before he joined the board, when he gave a speech suggesting that GM axe the Saab and HUMMER brands, among other suggestions.

The news also means that York and GM management haven't managed to come to an agreement about branding strategy for the company, but it might be a good thing afterall -- HUMMER was one of the stars of April and May sales, and Saab's realignment alongside Opel might deserve a chance before the marque is cut. Of course, there's always GMC and Buick, but perhaps there are other ways to redefine these brands.