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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Audi R-Zero electric sports car

Audi R-Zero electric sports car
Not much is known about this all-electric Audi concept called the R-Zero except that it's the brain child of three design student: Pierre-olivier
Wagner, Franck Levivier and Remi Marchand. What we can gather from the vehicle's website, which displays all non-essential information in English and the important stuff in French, is that the R-Zero has its battery packs mounted amidship and that energy is sent to electric motors contained within the wheels. Perhaps the most unique element of the R-Zero is a central tunnel that spans the length of the vehicle from the now familiar gaping Audi grille to a large vent in the center of the rear fascia. The tunnel is meant to cool the batter packs as well as contribute to the vehicle's aerodynamics.

The vehicle's styling is attractive and reminds us of a cross between a TT up front and a Mitsubishi Eclipse out back. The R-Zero, however, has no official ties with Audi, and appears to be a portfolio project for these three designers.

Check out a bunch of additional R-Zero pics after the jump...

Thanks Kevin for the tip!


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